Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh, cultural/moral/viewpoint relativity, why are you so delicious?

You know what I mean. Or maybe you don't, because maybe you are one of those fascists who have no respect for the opinions of others, how dare you claim that there is only one absolute reality, even Einstein said that all is relative * squeak* but that's not what he meant *unsqueak*.
Why won't you just let people believe (as in know that what they believe is real) what they want? Why you go hatin' on healing crystals, mind powers, and the Lord Jeezus who was a level 12 Atlantean from the planet Epsilon Crazyeye 9?
What has Humongousfoot ever done to you? You and your blind science telling us that reality is a boring place and that we're not all connected in a six corner timecube that is quantumlingly hyper-rotating in the 11th dimension.

I was never really good at crazy, I could never go full crazy, but I have been called crazy and narrow-minded for believing we can come to know the universe and hence reality by observation and experimentation and not by personal revelation handed down by some fantasy creature or another, so maybe there's still hope for me.
But that's not really what bothers me about relativity, not the crazy woo-woo quantum people. It's normal people in their everyday interactions who use this relativity that really get on my nerve.

"You and your stupid ideas, look, it's all relative and because of this my view disproves yours and is a lot better, because that's how relativity works, right? Right?"

Don't worry, have some internets