Monday, November 16, 2009

I can haz posts?

internet article about what the net is doing to our brains

maybe good maybe bad, your choice, i guess

we skim, frugally collect information

think i read this before somewhere

That would be my attempt at providing information in a fashion that would suit the prototype of the Internet user these days. Short, concise bursts of information that provide just enough to get the idea.

I had to stop and laugh when I got to the part of the article (and a very long article at that) that said that we no longer have the ability to read full texts, we just skim. I had to laugh because that's what I was doing, having decided that the article was bit too long for my taste (this coming from someone who's read Ulysses) and then I got back and read the article properly. But the author is right, we can no longer read War and Peace, at least I can't, and I also have to agree with the author that maybe that's not such a bad thing. Which reminds me of a Woody Allen joke which goes something like 'I took a course in speed reading and I've read War and Peace, it's about Russia'.

So I took a course in Internets, it's about LOLCats.

On a side note, Stargate's back. Even if just for an episode, I'm not holding my breath for the next one. *spoilers* I guess that what cut it for me, and for others as well, was killing those whiny characters within the first 10 minutes, "whine some more about that, now will you? oh, you can't, you're dead!" They did pull the old time loop thing and it seems everything will be okay.

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  1. Guilty as charged! When I began reading Carr's article about Google and the internet I experienced an overwhelming tendency to "skim". Luckily enough, I got to THAT part, processed what I've just read, had a laugh(whilst comparing myself with I.R. Baboon)and so, armed with patience I continued reading. Hurray! My skill in reading has increased by 10 points!
    One last thing, Cleverbot asked me what my favorite color is, I answered blue and he said I may pass! =)