Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm not out to make a statistic but the last few years have seen quite a large number of reboots (don't you just love the term?). Not that there's anything wrong with reboots in general but it's just that as with any new fad it tends to border on the ridiculous. Such as a month or two ago they were thinking about rebooting Galactica, which was only rebooted in 2004.
I guess that what really bothers me is the "dark and gritty" part, I just cringe whenever I hear the words. Maybe there's something there though, I mean, imagine you're a guy dressed in a BATsuit, driving a BATmobile, throwing BATrangs at BATcriminals (okay, so that last one I made up), you'd find it hard not hearing BATlaughter(TM) if you couldn't maintain an allure of rough and gritty darkness.
Last week I've read on io9 that someone is planning to turn the Forbidden Planet into a TV show, and if memory serves they did have such a thing until it was rebooted by J.J. Abrams' fun (very true) but brain dead creation, it was called Star Trek. The Forbidden Planet is a masterpiece and having re-watched it recently I can say that even after more than 50 year (yes, that's half a century) the movie is still better than most S.F. today. But who knows, maybe they'll do a good job at *quote* rebooting *unquote* it.
What I'm trying to say is that crave for something original, and I've grown tired of hearing about reboots. But I guess that there's truly nothing new under the sun, and we're all just walking tropes, so I'll leave you with which is one of those Internet black holes that will swallow up all your free time.

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